With capacity of up to 400/420 kg,CT400 can easily keep balance when climbing by automatically adjusting the cargo's gravity centre.

Suitable for transporting precision instrument, vending machine, piano, big safes, gas cylinder, security check machine etc.





Heavy-duty Stair Climber 樓梯機

Material:            Aluminium Alloy
Capacity:           400kg
Net Weight        93kg
Overall Size:     1620 x 614 x 1030mm
Fold Size:          1130 x 614 x 1030mm
Battery Capacity :      78-100 floors
Battery Type:              Lithium Battery
Weight of Battery:      3.2kg
Charging Time:           4.5hr
Charging Voltage:      100V-240V

Step Spec:                  Height≤21cm; Tilt Angle≤37°

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