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Xsto Power Stair Climber

Xsto CT420S is and upgraded version of XSTO CT420, it is equipped with 2 intelligent support wheels for moving on the last staircase.

Suitable for transporting precision instrument, vending machine, piano, big safes, gas cylinder, security check machine etc.

Xsto CT420S是XSTO Ct420的升級版,配備2個支撐輪,可在最後一級樓梯上移動。最大載重能力為為420公斤,可通過自動調節貨物的重心輕鬆地保持平衡。




Heavy-duty Stair Climber 樓梯機

Material:            Aluminium Alloy
Capacity:           420kg
Net Weight        98kg
Overall Size:     1640 x 614 x 1170mm
Fold Size:          1150 x 614 x 1170mm
Battery Capacity :      78-100 floors
Battery Type:              Lithium Battery
Weight of Battery:      3.2kg
Charging Time:           4.5hr
Charging Voltage:      100V-240V

Step Spec:                  Height≤21cm; Tilt Angle≤37°

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