Eco Crobe  Food Waste Decomposer

The Bio-food waste decomposer reduces the food waste volume and treated materials could be re-used.

It is good and suitable for home, school, office,

church and garden. Take your initiative at home

and contribute to the environment.




  • Decomposing organic food waste completely into organic matter in 24 hours by means of Taiwan micro-organism technology

  • 80% to 90% reduction in volume of the resulting decomposed organic matter is just the 10%to20% original volume of the food waste put into the machine

  • The resulting decomposed organic matter can be used as soil conditioner for planting

  • Food waste can be put into the machine anytime for decomposing by opening the top cover during  the operation

  • Odorless system by means of high temperature & active carbon

  • Durable stainless steel design

  • Fully automatic operation

  • 以微生物科技於24小時內完全分解有機廚餘成粉狀有機物

  • 分解出來的有機物可用作土壤改良劑

  • 分解後的物質體積為原先放入內的廚餘體積的10至20%

  • 任何時間都可把廚餘投進機內進行分解

  • 活性碳網來保持無臭異味

  • 不鏽鋼設計,防水耐用

  • 全自動操作

  • Process Method         : Fermentative

  • Width                              : 1,750mm                                

  • Length                           : 1,120mm

  • Height                            : 1,235mm

  • Max. capacity per day : 100kg

  • Consumption                : 2.5Kw

  • Weight                            : 825kg

  • Power                             : 20A 380V

  • Country of Origin        : Korea

  • Standard                       : CE

類型:  生物分解型-粉態
520mm(W) X 1100mm(L) X 800mm(H)
材料:                 不鏽鋼

重量:                 50KG

電源:                 800瓦800W重

功率:                 220V AC (單相)
每日處理廚餘容量:    30KG per day每日




Eco Crobe Food Waste Decomposer