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E cube

Decomposing organic waste to water.  Drain the discharged water or use it to water plants and flowers as they have rich mineral contents.

將有機廢物分解為水。 將排出的水排乾或用於澆灌植物和花卉,令植物和花卉含有豐富的天然營養。


Food Waste Decomposer

Capacity : Day 10KG to 35KG

Food Waste Decomposer廚餘機

The Bio-food waste decomposer reduces the food waste volume and treated materials could be re-used.

It is good and suitable for home, school, office,

church and garden. Take your initiative at home

and contribute to the environment.

The Government will implement Municipal Solid Waste Charging (MSW charging) on 1 August 2024. In line with the "polluter-pays" principle, the waste disposed of by all sectors in Hong Kong will be subject to charging based on its quantity.

Food waste machines have been promoted for more than ten years. Many users, including hospitals, businesses, schools and private individuals, have purchased food waste machines. In addition to reducing the burden on landfill sites, it can also reduce the cost of purchasing plastic bags for institutions and families in the future!







Product Specification


Model E10-E35

Rated Capacity每日處理廚餘容量:

Max. 10~35KG per day



Warranty: 保養期:                                

One Year 一年



  • It decomposes organic waste to water complete decomposing will not leave any residue for disposal.

  • Waste can be disposed any time.

  • Low running cost.

  • Odorless

  • Compact design does not use excess space

  • Specially for Asian Food (i.e. Soup, Congee)

  • 將有機廚餘物完全分解為水份,不需要處理任何殘留物

  • 任何時間都可以投入廚餘,幫助減少堆田區負荷

  • 低運作成本 

  • 沒有臭味 

  • 機身細小,易於擺放

  • 將有機廚餘分解為水

  • 分解後的水含有豐富營養可作為灌溉之用或排放到排水渠

  • 減少對垃圾堆填區的負荷同污染

  • 投料口具有安全感應,打開頂蓋時便停止操作

  • 特別適合亞洲人產生之廚餘

  • (濕食物如湯水、粥、多茨汁的廚餘等)


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