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Food Waste Decomposer





Capacity : Day 1.5 KG

Food Waste Decomposer廚餘機

The Bio-food waste decomposer reduces the food waste volume and treated materials could be re-used.

It is good and suitable for home, school, office, church and garden. Take your initiative at homeand contribute to the environment.

The total amount of solid waste generated in Hong Kong has increased by nearly 80% over the past 30 years, much higher than the population growth of Hong Kong (36%) over the same period. Combined with the over-reliance on landfills, this situation is clearly unsustainable.

In 2020, the daily disposal of Municipal Solid Waste at landfills has reached 1.44 kg/person.  In 2021, the daily disposal of MSW at landfills has reached 1.53 kg/person. This is higher than those of other major cities and brings about huge burden to landfills. To combat global climate change, it is imperative to promote resources saving as well as waste reduction and recycling in order to reduce carbon emissions and facilitate a transformation to low-carbon living. FOOD WASTE DECOMPOSER drive behavioural and cultural changes, and to encourage different sectors of the community to cherish resources and proactively practise waste reduction at source as well as clean recycling, thus reducing overall waste disposal.

The Government will implement Municipal Solid Waste Charging (MSW charging) on 1 August 2024. In line with the "polluter-pays" principle, the waste disposed of by all sectors in Hong Kong will be subject to charging based on its quantity.

Food waste machines have been promoted for more than ten years. Many users, including hospitals, businesses, schools and private individuals, have purchased food waste machines. In addition to reducing the burden on landfill sites, it can also reduce the cost of purchasing plastic bags for institutions and families in the future!


The yeast in the food waste machine is like the human stomach. Anything that humans can eat and break down can be broken down by the food waste machine!



香港產生的都市固體廢物總量於過 去 30 年增加近 80%,遠高於香港同期人口增長(36%),加上過度 依賴堆填,這情況顯然不可持續。

二零二零年,堆填區的都市固體廢物人均棄置量達每日1.44公斤二零二一年,堆填區的都市固體廢物人均棄置量達每日1.53公斤,每年遞增!! 較其他大城市為高,為堆填區帶來沉重負擔。在全球氣候變化的情況下,推動各項惜物減廢和支援回收的工作,以減少碳排放及實踐低碳轉型,實在刻不容緩。廚餘機推動行為改變,鼓勵社會各界珍惜資源,實踐源頭減廢及乾淨回收,減少整體廢物棄置量。




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